The company Apple has the reputation for having the most stylish gadgets on offer, one can say that it is almost an accessory that you match with your outfits. I have the apple iPhone 4 as an example of the aesthetic-usability design. It is a very user friendly and is very appealing to the eye. The slim design is excellent, as the “thinner the better” is popular among gadgets. The key functions are also very basic and it is very easy to learn. iPhone 4 is popular among young, old and everyone in between and almost everyone has one which proves it to be favourable among the other mobile phones in the market.

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Macbook air is another example of an apple product. MacBooks are generally favoured by creative people for its creative functions. This particular macbook is the thinnest laptop apple has to offer. Its slim design and its aesthetic features makes it look like an accessory. The usability area is a bit vague as some people consider using MacBooks a pain as they are used to using a windows computer because it is more marketable and affordable.

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This black BMW M3 is an excellent example of clever use of aesthetic design. BMW has the reputation for providing stylish looking cars which also provides outstanding features.  Most BMWs have the same exterior body contour and uses the same BMW logo.

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