This black quilted chanel bag is a good example of consistency in design. Majority of chanel leather goods uses the quilted design which makes it its trademark. Chanel uses the same chain for its bag & the same chanel logo which communicates to the consumers and uses its reputation as a sophisticated and trusted brand.

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This on/off switch button is a good example of functional consistency. This symbol has the universal meaning of turning something on and off and can be transferred into different things and will still hold its meaning and function. This makes the device easier to use as everyone knows what this button can do.

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This stop sign logo is an excellent example of external consistency. This stop sign symbol works well with other internal consistency. The use of red in this symbol signifies danger and is associated with warning signs. Most people react to the colour red as a warning and if the colour of this sign would change into blue, it would not have the effect as it had before. It is important to use consistency in signs like this as it is associated with safety in our roads.


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