The importance of web credibility according to Fogg is, “The web can be a highly credible source of information,’ but ‘can be one of the least credible information sources’” (Fogg, 2003). Credibility is an intrinsic element of a website. It must be highly regarded and considered when establishing a website as trust is the most valued commodity in the internet. You must gain the trust of your visitors if you want your website to succeed.Credibility is essential to make people click into advertisement and register for it. There are several ways on how to identify a credible website and below are some examples; check the url of the website if it starts with http:// or https:// it is highly reliable. When gaining information from the web page you must look for signs as to whether the author has the qualifications to conduct a certain research or provide a certain thesis. There are five  helpful signs that can help your blog page become credible and they are

1. Keep Advertisements minimum

2.Update content regularly

3.Consider the design and ease of use

4.Be transparent on who you are

and lastly, make it easy to verify claims.

*ideas sourced from (Hart, n.d)


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