Wikipedia is a free, open content online encyclopedia created through the collaborative effort of a community of users known as Wikipedians .(Rouse, 2008) It can be edited freely by anyone registered in wikipedia. It does not require the editor to have a certain qualification to edit a certain page which questions its credibility. Wikipedia, however, provides an in text and end text referencing. This sources are unknown and must be checked or double checked or triple checked to assure that the information is factual. The use of Wikipedia at Edith Cowan University is forbidden as it is not a reliable resource for information. We are also encouraged to do further research not just get our information in a one-stop website that has no credibility what so ever. Wikipedia is acceptable for personal research if you are willing to take a risk. There are far too many credible resources out there as the web offers an abundance of reference websites with more credible reputation. The editors of Wikipedia can be anyone, it can be a ten-year old boy who is mucking around with his father’s computer and we would not want to take a risk on citing wikipedia as our resource as we might know much more than what is stated in there. University requires to do intensive research and it would be wise if we can avoid wikipedia altogether.